The UPtick™ Sales Management Platform

We’ve integrated behavioral assessments, data analytics, gamification, coaching, and the delivery of sales training in 3-D virtual business environments to create a robust sales performance management system.

The UPtick™ platform places salespeople on a self-led journey, challenging them to direct the conversation with the customer-a 3-D avatar. Where they apply judgement they believe best suits the situations they encounter to making decisions about how to progress the situation.

The UPtick™ platform tracks and scores in-game decisions, then provides management and/or trainers recommendations to develop, enhance, remediate and reinforce sales skills and selling behavior in a private, safe, engaging, and fun manner.

The UPtick™ Sales Management Platform


The UPtick™ platform speaks your language. Our modular architecture makes it easy and cost effective to make the conversations about your industry, company, or customer.

Ask us how the UPtick™ platform can address business problems specific to your business-the ones that have been haunting you and your organization for far too long.