Why Selleration™?

Because sales organizations are just expected to do more today, and the UPtick™ platform provides dynamic, 3D automated and scalable role-plays for Modern Sellers to:

  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Accelerate on-boarding
  • Improve judgment in selling situations
  • And reduce time-to-revenue

Great Companies Use The UPtick™ Platform

Measure your team’s Selling Intelligence™ score to establish a benchmark and then grow Sales Skills.

Selling Intelligence

Sales Management

  • Predict selling success in hiring process.
  • Save time and money with simulated role plays.
  • Identify and fill gaps in desired selling behaviors and skills.
  • Enhance consultative selling skills and data gathering.

Training / Onboarding Staff

  • Cost-effective, always-available 3D role plays across multiple platforms.
  • Aids in teaching Sales about their audience.
  • Accelerates exposure and learning of key sales roles.
  • Sales pros can make mistakes in a safe environment.

Executive Team

  • Enable Sales to achieve revenue goals.
  • Measure skill gaps and develop Sales professionals.
  • Assessments available over and over without added cost.
  • Speeds time-to-revenue.