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CIO Review names Selleration as a Top 20 Sales Tech offering

By August 9, 2019 September 24th, 2019 No Comments

A distinguished panel of CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIO Review have selected New York’s Selleration, Inc. as one of the most promising Sales Tech solution providers of 2019. Announced in the August 7 issue, focusing on Sales Tech, the publication interviewed CEO Nick Rini and reported on the UPtick Sales Performance Intelligence platform. Of the 20 providers highlighted, only Selleration offered a SaaS product grounded in AI, 3D Animation, predictive analytics and AR/VR focused on providing Sales Performance Intelligence.

The UPtick platform provides seven functional areas, offering Sales Readiness solutions focused on Sales Hiring, Onboarding, and Sales Reinforcement, plus a certification program in Sales Mastery. The UPtick portfolio includes:

  • A Sales Assessment capability that evaluates the Sales Behaviors and Cognitive attributes of a prospective new hire
  • 3D Animated / simulated role play for onboarding sales professionals and ongoing reinforcement of sales skills
  • A knowledge game for a fun way to incorporate testing of new product or industry knowledge, gamefied for greater interactivity and engagement
  • Predictive analytics enable Selleration to predict quota attainment for new and existing hires, and profile a “winning seller” for your organization, capturing those selling behaviors exemplified by your Top 20%
  • A learning cadence which details – at a glance – levels of accomplishment toward key selling behaviors and skills and advises on next steps to continue on a developmental path
  • Executive reporting for macro and micro views of the Selling Intelligence of both the greater team, teams within the national or global team, down to individual performance and achievements
  • Extensive documentation on winning selling skills and Sales Mastery – an ebook within!
  • Most recently Selleration added a certification program in Selling Intelligence for sellers seeking proof points of modern selling capabilities, including measurement of their skill in all phases of the sales cycle

Areas of Sales Operations concern addressed by Selleration

In their 2018 Sales Optimization Study, CSO Insights asked 300 sales leaders what areas most need improvement in the next 24 months. In the graphic below you can see their responses.

Selleration’s UPtick addresses all three of these top Sales Operations needs, and is very squarely focused on providing key decision-making data to executives, offering macro-level, organizational views of Selling Intelligence and performance data, with customized data down to the individual sales professional with insight into specific selling, behavioral, and cognitive attributes strengths and weaknesses. Our data-driven software enables sales leaders to make more informed decisions around hiring, onboarding, and ongoing investments in development (or not) of your existing sales personnel.

Used today by leading CPG, Technology and Financial Services firms, UPtick is offered on an annual basis, providing content for sales training and Sales Enablement, with benefits that include a shortened time-to-ramp new hires, and improved sales and revenue outcomes. Headquartered in New York City, contact us to explore how UPtick can help your Sales success.