Sales Development

Accelerating Sales Growth with UPtick Sales Reinforcement

On average, only 42% of B2B sales reps make quota each year (according to the SalesForce 2019 State of Sales report).

But Training Industry reports that those organizations providing ongoing coaching and training reinforcement have four times more reps meeting quota.

Ongoing, Engaging Learning and Development is critical to Sales Success

Gallup reported findings last year that organizations in the top quartile of engagement realize substantially better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention, fewer accidents and 21% higher profitability.

SHRM lists training and development as a key element contributing to engaged employees.

UPtick offers an Immersive, Interactive Learning Experience

Selleration’s UPtick leverages Sales Behavior Science to:

  • Assess each of your rep’s skills and Sales Judgment
  • Follow with interactive, innovative learning tools including 3D animated role play
  • Integrated coaching to make strengths stronger
  • Industry / Launch Game designed to engage (complete with leader boards for possible Sales Competitions)

Here UPtick provides insights on a specific rep’s abilities to do Objection Management

UPtick’s robust reporting function gives you team views and can dive into individual performance

Evaluate your team’s Sales Behaviors

Assess teams and individual sales reps to provide a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses. Based on those findings, a specific Learning program can be customized to build skills.

Scalable, Low-Risk Simulated Role-Play

Role-play has been used for decades in sales organizations to enhance skills and increase Sales Fluency. But it can be expensive and time-consuming, requiring typically a senior Sales rep or Sales Leader to execute the role of the customer, and taking at least 15-20 minutes per role-play to simulate the customer environment and provide feedback to the Rep. Consistency in feedback is also a challenge for most organizations.

Now UPtick offers online, 3D animated role-plays that simulate all parts of the sale, ranging from pre-call planning to a successful Close and Negotiation. Reps are led through the scenarios at their leisure, on the platform of their choice: mobile, tablet or desktop. UPtick customer results also show that those reps who repeat their training experiences show significant improvement in skill levels with multiple online immersive experiences.

Improve even seasoned rep’s Selling Skills with 3D simulated role play and immersive Sales Development

Extensive coaching throughout UPtick augments your Sales Manager’s efforts

Valuable Sales Coaching integrated into solution

Unquestionably, Sales coaching has been validated as an important tool to improve Sales Productivity and rep success. At the same time, Selleration product designers recognized this resource can often be difficult to secure from busy Sales leaders.

UPtick integrates feedback and coaching at appropriate times in the Sales Simulations, with a Learning Cadence that gives just the right feedback at the right time.

Predict Quota and establish a Winner’s Profile

Predict sales quota within a variant of 6-8% with UPtick predictive analytics, uniquely CRM performance data with UPtick’s DNA Sales Assessment findings. The rest is up to machine learning and UPtick AI to predict your annual quota for the team, from the high level team / organization view down to the individual sales rep.

Every organization requires slightly different attributes and sales behaviors for success  – perhaps you need inpatient “Hunters” to open new territories, or hard-working relationship builders to get more from existing accounts, for instance. UPtick can give you a profile of attributes, scientifically derived, of your winning Sales Rep profile.

Predict quota for the year for a team or organization, then drill down to individual predictive performance, using UPtick’s Artificial Intelligence

UPtick’s Knowledge Game is a fun tool to introduce new Product or Competitive concepts, then test learning to evaluate retention

UPtick Knowledge Game teaches and helps Retain New Information

Easily customize the UPtick Knowledge game to engage and teach industry knowledge like competitive positioning, or new launch / product information. Use UPtick experiential learning to test for retention on key teachings. And make it fun!

UPtick Knowledge features a leaderboard and gamified approach for your sales learners to challenge and motivate them to gain capability.

“We used Selleration’s UPtick enterprise software to evaluate and rank our sales force, who are front line reps in Sales Development. We found the predictions to be spot on, and it helped us further assess and develop the resources we offer clients, enabling an improved customer experience.” 

Steven Hayes, CEO and Founder,