Behavior Change

You know your selling environment poses certain challenges for your salespeople. So you talk, teach, train, until you get your message across. But understanding doesn’t always equate to changing a habit that is well ingrained in your reps. We can help.

The UPtick™ platform has the ability to change behavior by helping reps understand why the change is critical, and how it impacts them, the customer, and the company.


We won’t waste your time talking about the time, cost, hassle, risk involved in hiring. You live it with every poor performer.

We help you figure out what you really want to know.

  • Whether they’re likely to make quota
  • Where they need your help to be successful
  • Whether they are likely to reach quota


The onboarding process is a rarely used opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses of newly hired salespeople. Of course, it’s also the last time you will have their undivided attention while they’re in learning mode.

The UPtick™ platform enables you to take advantage of both opportunities. Learning the Selling Intelligence Score of a rep provides valuable insights into their ability to produce. And the UPtick™ platform’s virtual role plays provide a private, safe, risk free environment to learn sales skills, about your company, product, industry, and marketscape – with record breaking retention.

Time To Revenue

According to Training Industry Magazine, it takes 381 day for a newly hired rep to be at the same level as a tenured rep. That’s a long time in this day and age.

The UPtick™ platform puts salespeople in real-world 3D avatar customer conversations that increase the number of “customer interactions” they have in a much shorter period of time. Additionally, the UPtick™ platform’s delivery modality ensures greater retention of material learned.

Sales Transitions, Transformations

When you’re leading your sales organization through the murky waters of change, you need to know who’s with you, and who’s not. Any change requires a commitment from your team – one that you may, or may no know you can rely on.

Ensure success. The UPtick™ platform gives you the insight to know which of your salespeople are likely to seed and lead the change, who will adapt, and who may not.

Inheriting A New Sales Team

Mergers, acquisitions, and internal changes add salespeople to your team. Make it a little easier for yourself, and your organization.

Use the UPtick™ platform to understand whether they’re likely to achieve quota, their strengths and weaknesses, and the degree to which they’re aligned with your mission.

Improving Sales Performance

Whether you’re attempting to get lift out of the Middle 60%, or your entire sales team, the UPtick™ platform gives you a line-of-sight into the areas that need to be improved, and a plan for improvement.

Executive Decision Support

There are some very important things you need to know about your reps:

  • Whether they are likely to achieve quota
  • What their areas require investment
  • Whether they’re in the right job

We can help. The UPtick™ platform gives you a line of sight into the selling abilities of salespeople – enabling you to more effectively hire, assign territories, invest in their improvement, and reassign those who aren’t in the right job.

Knowing Your Customer

Have you ever hired someone to sell for you who had previously been your customer? They usually hit the ground running and end up doing well – even without some of the typical sales skills we so often emphasize. Why the amazing success? It’s because they have intimate knowledge of their customers’ challenges, objectives and obstacles, and know how to help them succeed.

We can help. The UPtick™ platform put your reps in the shoes of the customer. Virtual 3D avatar roleplays place your salespeople in situations where they are the customer – virtually. They influence stakeholders, make buying decisions, deal with roadblocks, acquire budget to procure, and deal with an array of challenges that their customers address every day. The end result? Reps who understand, and can relate to, their customer.


Harvard Business Review says reps forget 80% of what they’ve learned within 90 days. Other research says you experience a 90% loss in 5 weeks. And whether you’re spending $200 or $8000 annually on each rep to train them, you need every dollar to count. We can help.

Immersive, experiential 3D avatar virtual selling environments place reps in self-led customer conversations where they are charged with advancing the relationship, and the sale. Reps retain an extraordinary amount of what is taught in the simulation because they learn by doing. And they do so in a safe, private, risk-free environment.