Top Sales Enablement Tools and Software (Your Sales Reps Will Actually Use)

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So you want your sales team to sell more – and you are looking for the best sales enablement software to help them do just that. The problem (or opportunity if you are looking at it from a sales perspective) is that “sales enablement tools” has become a catch-all for everything from on-demand sales training software to apps that help sales teams with interdepartmental communication. 

Working with sales managers at Fortune 500 companies on a regular basis, we are well aware of the sales problems managers really want fixed. So to help you cut through the hype, we have invested the time to select five top sales enablement tools that provide real solutions. If you see your problem reflected here, we hope you will also find a viable solution. 

The problem: “Marketing creates collateral. Sales creates collateral. And no one knows where anything is. Our sales materials are in multiple repositories, making it difficult to find relevant sales materials when my team needs them.”

The solution: Seismic

If your sales organization has a content organization problem, then Seismic can help. This sales enablement platform creates one organized, searchable, targeted “source of truth” so your sales team can quickly find the materials they need to close the deal. 

Why sales reps will really use it: Saves a ton of time. Eliminates the embarrassing, “I know we have some information on that, I will have to dig it up and get back to you” discussion with clients. Saves a huge amount of time and prevents the dissemination of incorrect information. Your marketing team will love it too.

The problem: “My top sales reps balk at ‘sales training’, because they feel they don’t get much value. And my new sales reps are taking too much time before producing real results. I need modern, on-demand sales training that engages both new hires and my existing sales team.”

The solution: Selleration

CIO Review just listed Selleration’s UPtick as one of 2019’s top Sales Technologies! UPtick is a true sales readiness platform, providing dynamic, 3D automated and scalable role-plays for modern sellers. A huge leap forward from the sales training seminars of decades past, UPtick™ is like a flight simulator for sales reps. It all starts with generating a Selling Intelligence score for every member of your sales team – measuring those sales behaviors and attributes that each rep possesses, and generating a road map, complete with sales coaching, to increase sales skills based on that individual rep’s needs. UPtick™ helps sales management make better hiring and staffing decisions, accelerate on-boarding for new reps, and reduce time-to-revenue for new hires.

Why sales reps will really use it: It’s fun and competitive. Like a video game for sales reps. Enable the leaderboard and your sales team can “compete” against each other for selling skill domination.

The problem: “Working with the design team, the marketing team and the sales team to create sales presentations can be a headache. I would like a tool that allows sales reps with no design skills the ability to edit sales presentations, but keep them on-brand. Also, I would like to know if our customers find our sales materials valuable.”

The solution: Clearslide

You may remember Clearslide as an early online presentation tool, but the company has grown into so much more. They took that early experience in online business communications, and expanded upon it. Now, reps can create sales presentations within the tool, and get presentation interaction data to understand how engaged the viewers are with each piece of information being delivered. The platform has a number of other features, but business communication is Clearslide’s core strength.

Why sales reps will really use it: It’s a winning sales presentation solution, and the viewer engagement data they get back can help your team hone their pitch.  

The problem: “Our team is wasting too much time talking to people who we think are potential customers – only to find out our contact isn’t a decision maker.”

The solution:

If your team is spending a lot of time speaking to the wrong people, can help.  The collective data of all sellers on their platform is combined, so your team has the information necessary to prioritize leads and create a closeable sales pipeline. 

Why sales reps will really use it: There is nothing more frustrating than investing time on a bad lead. This Sales Enablement tool helps keep the pipeline full so they can attain quota faster.

The problem: “We spend so much time in internal status meetings, and on email or Slack that we hardly have time to prospect, nurture and close.”

The solution: Quip for Salesforce

How many emails a day do your reps get inquiring about the status of a deal? Or, asking them to send a spreadsheet, powerpoint… Different than your typical project management software, Quip for Salesforce was created with the needs of salespeople in mind. This Sales Enablement tool creates efficiencies in workflow, tracking deals from opportunity to closed and allowing the entire team to work collaboratively. Now, all documentation associated with a deal is located within a single, intuitive dashboard.

Why sales reps will really use it: Once your team has embraced Quip, two things happen: less email, and fewer meetings. Which means sales reps have more time for nurturing leads and acquiring customers. That’s something every rep can get behind.